2019 (screenprint on paper)

Astronomy and biology; an outer and inner cosmos. Explorations along parallel paths heading in seemingly opposite directions. But when we place ourselves at their centre, the edges blur. New connections emerge. Words swell. Language opens up. We move toward making deeper meaning of a universal whole. 

Technological advances have enabled us to reach beyond the visible, into realms of data and the imagined and intuited. To outer and inner spaces that exist as information but are challenged to produce authentic visual imagery. Language shapes and holds the concepts we are exploring. It provides a path into an alternate visual realm, one that exists in the mind’s eye and is unique to each person.

This group of texts began as a response to an exhibition that I was co-curating to hang in a hospital setting. I hoped that they would provide a context for the artworks to be engaged by a diverse group of people who may have a few minutes to spare walking down a hallway or who are spending long hours in a waiting room. People who either may or may not seek out encounters with art in their daily lives.

I’m interested in exploring how text-based artworks can enrich our engagement with an idea. How language as art provokes a unique creative expression within each individual encountering it. How a selection of words or texts—their shape and placement on the page, the connections they make, the ideas they convey—can prompt us to feel, to question what we think and why.