2017-present (Acrylic discs, permanent marker, fishing line)

Microscopia is a participative artwork created in collaboration with Julie Light. Julie and I invite members of the public to attend a workshop to explore how we visualise our bodies at a microscopic level. Participants create a personal response by drawing miniature portraits of their microscopic imaginings on small clear disks. The discs will eventually be hung together to form a composite portrait of our an imagined microscopic body. This is an ongoing project aimed at creating a large-scale installation once we’ve reached our targeted number of individual art pieces.

We’ve held repeat workshops at the Wellcome Reading Room as part of the Open Platform series in 2018 and the Unexpected Interludes event in February 2019, as well held a workshop as part of the Tate Exchange programme at the Tate Exchange. A set of ‘specimen tubes’ were provided for participants, with each tube containing an image to inspire individuals’ artwork. This is a work in progress.