MA Art & Science thesis

Click through for a pdf of my final research paper:
Meaning Emerging for an Art Viewer as a Creative Process

I completed my Masters in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London in July 2018. For my final research paper, I moved away from considering how an artist uses the art-making process as a way to make sense of her experience, and explored how the viewers’ engagement with art is itself a creative process that helps them make sense of their own experiences. In a sense, I suppose once an artwork is out in the world, the artist’s intent or meaning may become irrelevant; I am okay with that.

So much of my artwork emerges from personal, often emotional experience, but I resist the idea of creating artwork about me and strive to create work that touches on universal stories. This research paper was a way of deepening my understanding of how a viewer might encounter personal or emotional artworks and take what they choose to from them to make their own meaning through their creative engagement.