about me

Email : jillmueller111@gmail.com
Instagram : www.instagram.com/jillmariemueller

I make visual art about the human condition – the inner and outer stories that make us.

I have a specific interest in narrative, health, and our relationship to nature. I first engage a subject through research and creative writing, often building on my lived experience. I devote a lot of time to exploring a wide range of subjects and stories and their connections, and then draw from many different techniques to bring a subject to life visually.

I have several long-term projects in development that engage with unique personal stories from ordinary lives. These begin with writing or interviews and take shape as a story unfolds—they can take years to evolve, requiring patience and commitment.

The materials and techniques I use change with each project, from hands-on approaches that include printmaking, alternative photographic techniques, embroidery, painting and installation to digitally based work with archive imagery, creative writing and book design. I develop new skills as I experiment with different materials and methods for each project—responding to whatever the work calls for.

I strongly believe in art’s power to connect people and transform lives, and I aim for my practice to sit within that movement. The creative process and the viewer’s experience with an artwork are as important to me as any finished work.

My studio is based at Thames-Side Studios in southeast London.

2020 | ‘Lockdown Residency’, online exhibition in a virtual gallery with 18 international artists responding to their lockdown experience
2020 | ‘Mirrored Anatomies’, UCL Anatomy Society, London
2019 | ‘Through the Looking Glass’, The Ugly Duck, London
2019 | ‘Cosmos’, Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital, Oxford, and South Street Gallery, Churchill Hospital, Oxford
2018 | ‘Fields’, Central Saint Martins at Granary Square, London
2018 | ‘Changing Expectations of Art & Science’, TedX Whitehall, Royal Society, London
2018 | ‘Lumen Residency 2017’, The Crypt Gallery, London, and Atina, Italy (2017)
2017 | ‘Printout’, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
2017 | ‘Cryptic 2017: Art and Science’, The Crypt Gallery, London
2017 | ‘Imagining CERN’, Windows Galleries at Central Saint Martins, London
2017 | ‘CSM x CMS: Entangled’, Four Corners Gallery, London
2017 | ‘Em-em: Embodiment and Emotion’, THECUBE, London
2017 | ‘Here’s Where You and I Collide’, Central Saint Martins at Mangle, London, UK
2014 | Photo Market (with ‘See Me Through This’), Fishbar, London
2011 | ‘The Book of Tottenham’, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London
2011 | ‘On the Training of Painters’, Bloomington Theater & Arts Center, MN, US

2020 | Small Talks: art practice with connection (talk): talk and discussion around my BRCA projects with a group of artists, curators and thinkers from the South West of England. 
2020 | Arts and Health Hub (talk): ‘Decoding the Personal’: exploring the impact of genetics on an art practice, with artists Chrystal Ding and Paloma Tendaro
2016-21 | University College London iBSc Women’s Health (talks): ‘BRCA mutations: the patient’s perspective’ and ‘Art and Medicine’ lectures for medical students
2020 | The Anatomy Society at University College London (talk): ‘BRCA and Art: A Transformative Journey’
2019 | Medical Research Council/Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science (facilitation): art-science discussions for workshop participants
2019 | Central Saint Martins, MA Art and Science programme (talk): ‘What makes a successful collaboration?’
2018/19 | Wellcome Collection Open Platform (workshops): ‘Visualising the body at a microscopic level’ and ‘How context affects a viewer’s experience with an artwork’
2018 | London Laser ‘Liminal Bodies’: co-led a group poetry writing exercise
2018 | Tate Exchange Studio (workshops): ‘My studio is inside your body’ and ‘My studio is the art gallery’
2017 | THECUBE (talk): ‘Art and Emotion’, emotionally difficult artwork and censorship
2017 | Soapbox Science (talk): community event at Thamesmead Festival pairing artists and scientists to promote women in science

2020 | Cel del Nord Virtual Residency, 1-week international residency hosted online during lockdown for COVID-19, supporting artists to work physically separate whilst creating an online space for conversation and reflection
2017 | THECUBE, 9-month residency focused on embodiment and emotion, in a co-working and exhibition space dedicated to design, science and technology, East London
2017 | Lumen Residency, 2-week residency with an art collective exploring themes of astronomy and light, Atina, Italy

2020 | Artist interview with Cel del Nord Residency
2020 | Artist interview with Arts & Health Hub: CONNECT
2018 | ‘Anatomy of a Choice’, blog post for The Eve Appeal
2018 | ‘Meaning Emerging for an Art Viewer as a Creative Process’, MA dissertation
2017 | ‘Making Sense of Experience through Art and Story’, THECUBE inaugural magazine
2016 | ‘See Me Through This’, Science and Photography special issue, Financial Times Weekend Magazine

2020 | Winner, Vesalian Prize, UCL Anatomy Society, for the artwork ‘Deleterious’
2018 | Shortlisted for Lucy Art Residency, for the project ‘See Me Through This’
2017/14/13 | Semi-finalist/Finalist, Dorothea Lange–Paul Taylor Prize, The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, for the project ‘See Me Through This’

2017 – present | Artwork, talks, workshops and projects in development as ‘And&’ in partnership with Julie Light
2012 – present | Long-term project with photographer Maja Daniels to engage a personal medical journey with the BRCA (breast cancer gene) mutation
2019 | Artwork for the launch of the expanded Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility at Kings College, London, with Prof Sasi Conte, Dr Andrew Atkinson and 3 artists
2017 | Artwork for a public engagement event with astrophysicist Bella Boulderstone, facilitated by Soapbox Science to highlight women in science

2006-07 | Art Teacher, CATCH Program, Offsite Educational Services, Bronx, New York, USA : Taught art fundamentals to ten teens ages 15-17 in a weekly program for students in need of a supportive and personalized environment to succeed academically.
2005-07 | Teaching Assistant, The Art Students League of New York, New York, USA : Assisted weekly teaching 16-22 children ages 7-13. Curriculum was grounded in an understanding of the fundamentals of drawing, colour, and design, and emphasized exploration of media.

2016-18 | MA Art and Science; Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK
2008-10 | The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art, Minneapolis, MN
2004-07 | The Art Students League of New York, NY (variety of classes)
1993-98 | BA Chinese Language & Literature/Asian Studies; University of Colorado, Boulder, CO