thoughts & visual explorations

Lumen prints in lockdown

Like for so many of us, the pandemic disrupted my daily art practice. Early on I began working from my living room, mostly with materials I had to hand. I struggled to focus on my normal projects, so began exploring art forms that I was less experienced with as a … Read More

How much do you think a person is worth?

I wrote this text in response to a series of questions from artist Susan Aldworth’s project “The Value of a Human”. I struggled with the question “How much do you think a person is worth?” until, in one quick flow, this essay poured out. In 2011 my sister in the … Read More

Reflecting on an image

In preparing for an upcoming talk, I’ve been thinking a lot about this image. My mastectomy and reconstructive surgery was a just month away when I finally had my hospital “before” photos taken. I’d canceled twice. These official photos would clinically document a version of me that would soon no … Read More


Deleterious… My BRCA test results letter was my induction into the world of the “worried well”. I was not ill, but was suddenly living in the world of the infinitesimally small – my own DNA cast a shadow over everything I was and knew. But years have passed, and I’ve … Read More

Mantra for the dead

Written April 13, 2020. Allowing my thoughts to lead me… In 2017 on a residency in Italy, I made cyanotypes from star maps. Well, they made themselves really, I just provided the materials and helped them along. Right away I knew I wanted to do something large, so laid out … Read More

Seeing into the soul of a woodland

I live a short walk from the Hackney Marshes and the tiny Wick Woodland, and one of the beautiful, unpredicted results of being here under lockdown is that I have fallen in love with this vast green space near my house. I’ve always loved and appreciated it — but now … Read More

Imagining your death…

I’ve been playing with images of my dad to learn a bit of Photoshop. He died in 2007, but not a day goes by that he is not in my thoughts. I don’t have a religious faith, but sometimes I still feel that he is still alive in some way, … Read More

Artist’s residency at THECUBE

I’ve been interested in how we process emotion: how it is situated within the body, how we recognize it in ourselves and others, and how that recognition can transform us. I created this piece, The Girl Who Carries Her Burdens in Her Hair, 2 years after my father’s death. It … Read More

CERN’s large hadron collider

A few basics: CERN stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, although the name does little to convey the scope of the work, which today focuses on particle physics. Physicists and engineers from around the globe build and monitor experiments to investigate the structure of the universe. The large … Read More

See Me Through This / BRCA1

The phrase “POSITIVE FOR A DELETERIOUS MUTATION” still hung in the air as I clicked off the phone. All caps. The way I’d later see it written on the official test results. “I’m afraid … your test … came back positive,” she had said. My test. Even the silence of … Read More