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Fields: MA Art and Science degree show

MA Art and Science graduating students at Central Saint Martins presented a dynamic and engaging exhibition and events programme showcasing our interdisciplinary take on contemporary issues. Innovative thinking and experimental techniques stimulated creative discourse as we explored the relationship between … Read More

artist residency at THECUBE

On this residency at THECUBE, I’ve been interested in how we process emotion: how it is situated within the body, how we recognize it in ourselves and others, and how that recognition can transform us. I created this earlier piece, … Read More

CERN’s large hadron collider

A few basics: CERN stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, although the name does little to convey the scope of the work, which today focuses on particle physics. Physicists and engineers from around the globe build and monitor … Read More

the practice of being stuck

Early in the first term, I attended a workshop exploring the idea of “stuckness” in art practice. Six of us gathered around a large white table as the facilitator poured thousands of Lego pieces into the center. Yes, we were … Read More

Art & Science at Central Saint Martins

I’ve abandoned my 225 sq. ft. private studio for a desk space among 39 others in Central Saint Martins studios in Archway, London! In October 2016, I began an MA programme in Art and Science, investigating the creative connections between art … Read More

on death and grief

My father died from cancer in 2007, at age 64. Only three months passed between diagnosis and death, and those months and the following years were emotionally charged and often isolating. But through that experience—through his death—came life. Something was … Read More

see me through this / brca1

The phrase “POSITIVE FOR A DELETERIOUS MUTATION” still hung in the air as I clicked off the phone. All caps. The way I’d later see it written on the official test results. “I’m afraid … your test … came back … Read More

a mountain story

Years ago I rediscovered an unpublished manuscript my grandfather wrote in 1955 after participating in the rescue of an injured mountaineer on Denali, North America’s highest peak (then Mount McKinley). I’d seen this manuscript before, when my father was alive, … Read More