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Artist’s residency at THECUBE

I’ve been interested in how we process emotion: how it is situated within the body, how we recognize it in ourselves and others, and how that recognition can transform us. I created this piece, The Girl Who Carries Her Burdens in Her Hair, 2 years after my father’s death. It … Read More

residency: Lumen in Italy

I’m super pleased to be attending the Lumen Residency in August 2017. Lumen is a London-based art collective focused on themes of astronomy and light. Through art, exhibitions and seminars in London, and residencies, Lumen aims to raise a dialogue about how humanity understands existence. The two-week residency takes place … Read More

exhibition: CSM x CMS: Entangled

Following two fantastic trips to Geneva hosted by CERN’s art@CMS programme, we are going to be exhibiting CERN-inspired work June 14-17 at Four Corners Gallery in Bethnal Green, London. It will be an exciting exhibition showcasing really diverse work and interests–including my piece referring to PET scan development as a … Read More

residency & exhibition: THECUBE

Em-em (embodiment and emotion) residency is a 7-month-long collaboration between seven Central Saint Martins’ MA Art and Science students and THECUBE in East London. THECUBE is a co-working and exhibition space dedicated to design, science and technology, and hosts a research lab focused on the study and understanding of how … Read More

CERN’s large hadron collider

A few basics: CERN stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, although the name does little to convey the scope of the work, which today focuses on particle physics. Physicists and engineers from around the globe build and monitor experiments to investigate the structure of the universe. The large … Read More

exhibition: ‘Somehow You and I Collide’

Please come along and see what I’ve been up to! Still contemplating genetics and mutation but straying further afield in my technique and materials… Come find my collaborative piece that is taller than me and involves steel rods, red light and a motor!

open studio: MA Art & Science

Please come along December 7 from 2-8pm to see work in progress, experiments and performances from me and 39 classmates, all interdisciplinary practitioners exploring the interconnections between art and science. There is some amazing work happening here! Central Saint Martins Archway Campus, Elthorne Studios, 9-15 Elthorne Road, London N19 4AJ

See Me Through This / BRCA1

The phrase “POSITIVE FOR A DELETERIOUS MUTATION” still hung in the air as I clicked off the phone. All caps. The way I’d later see it written on the official test results. “I’m afraid … your test … came back positive,” she had said. My test. Even the silence of … Read More