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Anatomy of a Choice, 2018 (installation with audio and found/made images and objects)


Anatomy of a Choice builds on autobiographical work about the breast cancer gene mutation I carry and the medical journey I undertook to prevent cancer. Peepholes and lenses reveal images and objects installed in a large hexagonal 'body', including embroidered photographs (created as part of an ongoing project with photographer Maja Daniels); family tree photos; etchings made from a PET scan; HRT therapy patches; a bird's nest. The peepholes provide a glimpse into the patient’s inner world, a space that is easily overlooked as the body is medicalised. Two large screenprints of the BRCA1 gene we all carry hang on the wall – one showing a healthy copy and the other my specific mutation. An audio piece of birdsong fills the air, and a more intimate piece with short clips of my thoughts recorded the week before my breast surgery hangs nearby on the wall.


Anatomy of a Choice visualizes the emotional and mental transformation that is taking place alongside the transformation of the physical body. With this work, I hope to bring a viewer into an intimate experience – but to make their own meaning from – and to create an encounter through which we can build empathy for one another’s experiences.

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We Are All Made of Stars: Matters of Scale, 2017  (cyanotype, screenprint, and photolithography on fabric, using breast tissue microslide and sky survey photographic negative)
We Are All Made of Stars: Matters of Scale, Box Set, 2018  (cyanotype, screenprint, and photolithography on fabric, using womb lining microslide and sky survey photographic negative, handmade hinged box)

In August 2017 I spent two weeks on a residency focused on light and astronomy in Atina, Italy. Work begun onsite was developed into finished pieces in London in the months following.


To begin, there was light and colour. Blue sky enveloped the earth, a sky-skin stretching from one horizon to the other. Variations in hue and value demanded a broader vocabulary than simply blue, and so I spent days looking, observing – delighting in it. Over time, observation merged with memory and imagination. The natural world was disrupted by an abandoned hospital; medical images mingled with astronomical plates. Sky became a bridge connecting body and space, confusing boundaries, confounding time. In the end, everything became one thing and I no longer sensed the distinctions.


23 – 27 May 2018
Opening times: Wed to Fri 12-8pm; Sat to Sun 12-5pm
Location: K-Space, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA


MA Art and Science graduating students at Central Saint Martins present a dynamic and engaging exhibition and events programme showcasing their interdisciplinary take on contemporary issues. Innovative lines of thought merge with experimental techniques, stimulating creative discourse, as students explore the relationship between art and science, disciplines that inform and respond to social change. With a range of backgrounds including art, illustration, psychology, biochemistry and mathematics, MA Art and Science graduates have developed a spectrum of interdisciplinary approaches. Fields is explorative with artworks, workshops and performances, embracing diverse media including new technologies, installation, storytelling, analogue media, photography and virtual reality. (See the catalogue of artists below.)


Crossing Fields
Saturday, 26 May 2018


Join graduating students for a day of talks, demonstrations and discussions crossing fields in art and science. I will be speaking about my BRCA medical experience and the creative journey that led to my degree show work Anatomy of a Choice, as part of a panel addressing the subjective experience in Art and Science.


FREE – Tickets for Crossing Fields are now available at Eventbrite




Julie Light and I will be holding two collaborative events in February 2018 as part of the Wellcome Collection’s Open Platform series in the Reading Room. On February 10, ‘Visible Interiors’ explores how people visualise their bodies at a cellular level. On February 15, ‘Invisible Interiors’ explores ideas around how we as viewers experience an artwork, and in particular how context or what we know about a piece shapes our experience and helps us make our own meaning from it. Open Platform is an event series where the content comes from Wellcome Collection’s audience, so that voices other than Wellcome’s can respond to the Reading Room’s themes.


I’m pleased to have my work included in an exhibition as part of TedX Whitehall with the Royal Society’s programme Changing Expectations of Art and Science, January 2018. We Are All Made of Stars: Matters of Scale (Box Set) links medical and astronomical explorations using images from advancing technologies: negatives from outdated star-mapping equipment and images of microslides of my own body tissue. It supports the idea that as an emerging, open discipline, art and science can evoke a sense of the human experience and awe linked to evolving understandings in science.

In January, Julie Light and I will be hosting two drop-in workshops at the Tate Exchange as part of Central Saint Martins’ week-long takeover to challenge ideas around what a studio can be in the face of financial constraints and diminishing space available for artists to work. ‘My Studio is Your Body’ invites participants to imagine their bodies at a microscopic level and contribute to a collective artwork. ‘My Studio is the Art Gallery’ asks viewers to consider their experience with an artwork as its own creative act that encourages them to make their own meaning. Pop by to join in on January 15 from 12-6!

Please join me 24-27 November for the Cryptic: Art and Science exhibition at the Crypt Gallery on Euston Road. Cryptic examines the relationship between art, science and technology, and features artworks that use technology and science variously as medium or message. 19 artists examine the relationship between art, science and technology, through diverse works including representations of time and the universe, form and material, genetics and evolution, emotions, climate change, technology and more. For more details, see here.


Please come along to CSM’s postgraduate auction at the Lethaby Gallery on November 16 to raise funds for our MA 2018 degree show! Funds raised will help support the installation of our show and the accompanying catalogue. A live auction will showcase donated works from established CSM alum and our student work will be available for bids as part of a silent auction throughout the evening. See the range of fantastic works here.




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It Runs in the Family,2017  (Perspex, zinc plates, ink, steel, family medical scans and photos)


Created in response to my visits to CERN and shown as part of the CSM x CMS: Entangled exhibition, It Runs in the Family is a personal family portrait and a tribute to CERN's open research and contributions in developing a PET scan device prototype targeting breast cancer. PET scanners focus on metabolic activity, and use scintillating crystals and detector plates (which are essentially cameras) to capture and translate photons into visible light, creating images of active tumours in the body.