exhibition: Contributing to Susan Aldworth’s ‘Out of the Blue’

I feel privileged to have contributed my embroidery skills to a second of Susan Aldworth’s artwork/installations. I spent time over a month working with my small piece, sitting with and stitching the words of a mother about the uncertainty surrounding her adult son’s epilepsy.

Out of the Blue is an installation of 100 pieces of Victorian underwear that are embroidered in coloured and fluorescent threads with the words of people living with epilepsy, stitched by 100 community embroiderers. The garments hang together from the gallery ceiling as a single unit arranged in rows, lit by natural and ultraviolet light. They periodically come to life in computer-controlled up and down movements that correspond to the algorithms of electrical activity in an epileptic brain.

Susan Aldworth: Out of the Blue
18 January – 9 May 2020
The Hatton Gallery,
Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne

Click here for more info and video about Susan Aldworth’s work and Out of the Blue.