Building the Emotional Body


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Building the Emotional Body, 2017  (Perspex sheets and glass paint)

Building the Emotional Body was created as part of a seven-month-long residency at THECUBE in East London. THECUBE is a co-working and exhibition space dedicated to design, science and technology, and hosts a research lab focused on the study and understanding of how human perception works.


For this residency, seven students explored a unique aspect of embodiment and emotion relevant to their ongoing practice, including topics such as gravity, sensory perception, objects and memory, and our emotional identity. The work and interests were shared through an exhibition and a series of talks open to the public. Through the em-em residency, we each aimed to bring new perspectives to current dialogues around mind and body, building bridges between disciplines.


The work has also been shown as part of the Cryptic 2017 exhibition and for the MA Art and Science 2017 open studio.